Administrative Core

The Administrative Core is the central administrative body for the PMRN designed to facilitate the management of projects and flow of data and information between the External Advisory Committee, Scientific Cores, Bridging & Pilot Studies, Steering Committee, and Principal Investigators. The Administrative Core’s main objectives are to: 1) Provide functional structure and network support, 2) Enable effective internal and external communication, 3) Plan and organize activities of the network, 4) Track progress and ensure that the network achieves its set goals, 5) Establish links between the network and other NIH funded consortia as well as links to the scientific communities.

This flat structural design emphasizes the importance of the Principal Investigators as the main governing scientific body and provides the administrative infrastructure and support to enable the network members utilize network resources. The Administrative Core is central to serving the needs of the entire network.

Network Structure

Simplified network chart

Principal Investigators

Rima Kaddurah-Daouk   Richard Weinshilboum  
Rima Kaddurah-DaoukRichard Wenshilboum



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