Data Governance Core

The Metabolomics initiative along with the phenotypic data from the pharmacogenomics research network yield vast amounts of data that will provide a comprehensive profile of human physiology, pathology as well as comprehensive read of drug effects. The integrative analysis of these data has the potential to for the first time provide a complete picture of the networks associated with normal and abnormal function and networks associated with drug response phenotypes. The accrual, organization, analysis and presentation of these data pose enormous informatics challenges. The objective of the Data Governance Core core will be to provide a state-of-the-art infrastructure that will enable capturing, organizing and disseminating data and analysis of data. The various network cores will interact virtually to provide the state-of-the-art infrastructure and tools for data uploads, queries, analyses and interpretation of metabolic pathways in human health and pathology. The integrated view of the cell encompassing the metabolome, the transcriptome and phenotype data will yield a comprehensive view of the pathways to disease and potential therapeutic intervention strategies. The overall structure the Data Governance Core is presented in here:

Data Governance Core structure



Data Governance Team

Shankar Subramaniam  David Wishart    
Shankar SubramanianDavid Wishart  



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