Sanford|Burnham Medical Research Institute

The platform developed by Dr. Han and his group will employ a multi-dimensional mass spectrometry-based shotgun lipidomics approach.

Lipid data are processed using an automated array analysis in-house software program (AMDMS-SL), employing the logic of individual building blocks of lipid molecular using precursor ion scans and neutral loss scans, followed by quantitation using internal standards for each class of lipid species.

  • Through this strategy, the program screens and identifies species over 36,000 potential lipid molecular species.

For triacylglycerols, ten common fatty acyl chains are computed as building blocks. By neutral loss scanning, the cross peaks of a given ion in the first dimension with the building blocks present in the second dimension represent the fatty acyl chains of each triglyceride. Multiple isomeric species of triacylglycerols are determined from the number and intensities of the underlying neutral loss fragment peaks in combination with the mass/charge of the triacylglycerol molecular ion.


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