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Metabolomics Fiehn Lab

Metabolomics Fiehn Lab

The Fiehn research laboratory develops improved methods in analytical chemistry and bioinformatics to capture and utilize metabolomic data. These tools are employed to understand, which parts of larger biochemical networks respond to genetic perturbation or environmental stress.

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Currently, we hold mass spectra, retention indices, structures and links to external metabolic databases for 1,000 identified compounds which are routinely screened by gas chromatography – time of flight and quadrupole mass spectrometry. For both instrument types, we have licensed out the libraries for general use to mass spectrometry vendors. In addition we develop and apply metabolomic and metabolic fingerprinting methods by high resolution LC/MS and by direct infusion – mass spectrometry. The readout of metabolomic data acquisition is then structured by an in-house programmed database, BinBase which is seamlessly integrated with the study design database SetupX.

Visit the Fiehnlab website: fiehnlab.ucdavis.edu

Fiehnlab is located in the Genome Center at UCD.
Fiehnlab is located in the Genome Center at UCD.

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Oliver Fiehn

Dr. Oliver Fiehn

Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology & Genome Center
University of California, Davis
Health Sciences Drive
Davis, CA 95616
Email: ofiehn@ucdavis.edu
Website: fiehnlab.ucdavis.edu




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