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View into the lab.
In the front, a Leco GC-TOF is seen. In the back, an Agilent pyrolysis GC/MS, a Thermo LC-LTQ ion trap and a Leco LC-TOF instrument can be spotted.

LECO mass spectrometer

A GCxGC-TOF mass spectrometer (LECO) with automatic liner change (Gerstel) and double derivatization station (Axel Semrau) for analysis of primary metabolites. Metabolomics research lab.

LC-ion trap mass spectrometer

An LC-ion trap mass spectrometer (LTQ, ThermoElectron) with microflow HPLC (ThermoElectron) for analysis of secondary metabolites. Metabolomics core lab.

  • The Fiehn laboratory hosts six different mass spectrometers, four GC/MS systems and two LC/MS systems. All systems serve different applications and purposes. The current workhorse for metabolite profiling is a Leco Pegasus IV GCxGC-time of flight mass spectrometer which is directly connected to the Fiehnlab databases SetupX and BinBase. It is served by a Gerstel MPS2/ALEX dual rail automatic liner exchange autosampler.
  • Lipid and cellulosic/lignin contents are screened by an Agilent GC/quadrupole mass spectrometer using a Frontier pyrolyzer system. Target analyses and metabolite profiling with accurate quantification is performed using an Agilent GC/quadrupole mass spectrometer in continuous SIM/scan modus. Identification of unknown compounds by accurate mass spectrometry is investigated in an arrangement with Waters using a GCT premier system under chemical ionization.



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